The Story

The Story

The journey of Hands dates back to 1881. A surprise discovery of an artistically gifted carpet weaving
community of Bhadohi, a tiny hamlet in the ancient city of Varanasi, by A.
Tellery, pioneered the trend of masterfully created handmade carpets in the country. Over time,
the business changed ownership. In 1980s, the Patodia family took over and laid the
foundation for Hands as we know it today.

A case symbol of the devotion of our artisans who painstakingly work day and night to elevate carpet making
into an art form, our handmade luxury carpets and rugs find true expression in ‘art for the floor’.
Every piece is individually produced and handmade in the purest sense to reflect our core values.

"At the heart of the Hands enterprise is a set of values that really make us what we are.
Originality, craftsmanship, transparency, a desire to achieve impeccable quality, and an understanding
that every carpet is an expression of individuality."

- Mr. Ravi Patodia, Chairperson.

From hand knotted wool rugs to hand tufted carpets and from contemporary & modern carpet
designs to handmade kilims & dhurries; at Hands we have something to meet the most distinct of
your requirements. True, a testimony to the precision and passion of its master creators, luxury
carpets and rugs by Hands always succeed in creating an effect stately enough for
royalty- irrespective of the size of the room & its location.

The Journey Of The Hands