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Transient Carpets Collection

The Crafted Space

Between the future and the now is a crafted space. we’ll meet you there.

With an array of transient designs, these hand tufted rugs are made in botanical silk and wool.

The collection is an amalgam of organic forms, balanced structures, stylized curve lines and futuristic patterns that are inspired by modern times. It is this unique perspective that lends the collection an air of contemporary charm and glamour. The designs in the collection are as eternal as the style itself and are available in a range of fine hand tufted carpets and will be a splendid addition to your kids’ room, teenager’ room, dining area or informal living space. The Transient collection of carpet flooring goes well with any interior style, and needless to say looks exceptionally vivacious in any setting.

Style: Fine hand tufted carpet in wool & botanical silk

The Transient collection of modern carpets and rugs can be custom made in any size, colour & material of your choice.

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