Empire X. The Persian Reborn

Posted on - 20 September 2022


Our Exclusive New Collection Reinterpreting Royal Antiquity.

With its striking off-centre designs intricately hand knotted in wool and botanical silk, the EmpireX displays an unconventional take on the traditional Persian rug. Rare and unique in design, each carpet in this collection exhibits distinctive patterns, symmetry, and palettes. A compelling precedence in modern-day opulence, it infuses an inimitable sense of imperial grandeur in contemporary settings.


Atlas Heights is a modern take on the Vagireh; a rug that served as a glimpse of the larger Oushak masterfully woven in ancient Turkey. Its neutral colour scheme and ever-indulgent finish ensure it can go well anywhere, be it the grand living room, dining hall, lounge area, bedroom, or even the entertainment room.


River Riverie is a reinterpretation of the ancient Heriz Persian rug, treasured for its brilliant warm colours and versatility. This hand knotted carpet in wool and botanical silk adds intimacy and casts a spell of pure luxury. Include it in any corner of the house that demands warmth and sophistication.


The Red Sea Crossing displays a stunning trajectory from archaic split palmette to the unconventionally sized anchor pendants. This hand knotted carpet in wool and botanical silk, is a new-age Bidjar worthy of discerning connoisseurs and can effortlessly become the focal point of any living room.


The Tigris Weave, hand knotted in wool and botanical silk, is where the famed Bidjar vagireh rug, with its tribal geometric layout and figures of avian life and humanoids, finds new life and meaning in a modern colour palette. Including this handcrafted legacy in the bedroom creates an aura of comfort and ties the whole room together.

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