A Rug For Every Room In Your Residence!

Posted on - 06 October 2021


A Rug For Every Room In The House! Isn’t this a beautiful concept for your home decor? Wanna try it in your living condo too? If yes, we are here to share a few quick tips to help you choose the right rug for each space of your lavish interiors…These rugs shall speak the tales of timeless artistry while being spread on the walls and floors redefining the concept of carpet flooring in your dream house…


Choosing a perfect designer carpet for home can be a daunting task. Moreover, if you are buying it for the first time, it can be all the more challenging. So, 'Hands Carpets’ is here to help you choose the perfect home carpet which can bring in a tinge of personality and creativity to each room of your living space, irrespective of the fact, if it is being spread in the living room, dining room, study area or staircase of your residence. If you are facing the rug selection issue related to its size, shape or colour, here comes a few quick points to follow and buy the appropriate carpets and rugs for each room of your house:

  1. For seating area: A well-defined living room rug makes your seating area look complete. In fact, it won’t be wrong to say that the seating area does need a rug to give it a comprehensive and complete look. Hence, you should choose your living room carpet design the same way you would select a piece of art to ensure it becomes the focal point of your home. The pristine designs of Persian carpets and Kashmiri carpets can be used to grace the floors aesthetically in your living area. Rugs can also define different areas and create rooms within rooms in a larger open space.

  1. For a dining room: Choosing the right rug for a dining room is yet another challenge as there is a possibility of your rug losing its motif after coming under the table. Hence, try buying a rug with a border or a repeating pattern to ensure that the beautiful motifs stay intact on your rug. Also, a rug should be a little larger in size as it helps in nullifying sound, allowing your guests to talk easily. This also allows sufficient space allowing chairs to be pulled out smartly.


So, choose the carpet design carefully which fits the criterion to ensure carpet does not get damaged and maintains its motifs and grace.


In fact, a dull outdoor dining area can also be transformed with a bright and attractive pop of colour which can definitely make an impact on your mood and mind, making you feel more agile and energetic.


Further, you should try using a larger rug in your alfresco area which shall make the space feel bigger. Also, it can help in hiding any unsightly flooring. The outdoor oasis should definitely be adorned by a rug which is stain, fade and mildew resistant.

  1. For bedroom: The bedroom area needs a soft, sink-into mohair kind of rug which can offer a tranquil retreat. While selecting bedroom carpets, always think about the texture! A sumptuous deep pile or a hand carved silk bedroom rug with a subtle metallic sheen can go perfectly well for this sophisticated space.

Talking in terms of hues, a neutral-colored carpet, including tan, brown or grey, comes as a safe option for bedroom since it works with virtually any wall or decor colors. However, it's usually best to avoid carpets that are extremely light such as white or beige as they don't hide dirt easily. Room carpet area should be well known before buying it to avoid any size-related issue.

4. For study: Study is a place where you need a thorough concentration to ensure it stays as a distraction free area. Hence, rugs in organic abstract designs and solid colour should be chosen for they help in creating a serene space for studies. Once you spread these designs on the floor, you can catch up on your reading or call meetings in an environment which is distraction-free.

  1. For staircase: Staircase for many is considered as the attraction of a home. While many people do not consider it as a part of the room, it still has its own identity therefore, rugs for this part of the room need to be special. They should have to be low piled for they can stay more stable underfoot and resilient to traffic. In fact, you can choose these carpets online too as there are many designs available on our website which will leave you spoilt for choice. Offering a visual feast from floor to floor, you can definitely choose something which can behold the eyes of visitors.


  1. Foyer Area rugs: As the foyer / entryway is arguably one of the most important areas of the home where your guests step into to make their first impression, foyer area rugs make the biggest statement piece for your house. So before you start browsing through rugs, you should ask yourself which kind of entry way you are looking for. A formal, elegant foyer has a dramatically different feel than the rustic chic, and will require different design choices. So try factor in the rest of your home as well to know how you have decorated and styled your general living area. Basically, the décor of your house should go in harmony and speak one story in unison.

Hope, these points of consideration help you in picking the perfect rug. You can visit our carpet shops and select the right rug from a wide range of handmade carpets. 

Happy shopping…!